Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked


Who has officially endorsed the Inner-City Connector?

  • U.S. Senator Bill Cassidy, MD
  • U.S. Senator John Kennedy
  • U.S. Rep. Mike Johnson
  • Mayor Adrian Perkins, Shreveport
  • Mayor Lo Walker, Bossier City
  • LA Sen. Barrow Peacock
  • LA Sen. Greg Tarver
  • LA Sen. Robert Mills
  • LA Rep. Larry Bagley
  • LA Rep. Sam Jenkins
  • Caddo Commissioner Roy Burrell
  • Committee of 100
  • Shreveport Chamber of Commerce
  • Bossier Chamber of Commerce
  • Shreveport/Bossier City African-American Chamber of Commerce
  • Shreveport Economic Recovery Task Force
  • North Louisiana Economic Partnership (NLEP)

How long is the route traveled for each option?

The preferred Route 1 is only 3.5 miles between the interchanges of I-20 and I-220, and the other Route 5 (loop around the City) is approximately 13.5 miles.


Will construction of the Inner-City Connector disrupt travel on any highways?

Construction on the I-49 Inner-City Connector Route 1 will not cause any traffic issues because it is a new construction project connecting the gap between two existing sections. However, the Route 5 Loop Option construction would require the widening of the I-220 Bridge over Cross Lake and a complete rebuild of Louisiana Highway 3132 to bring it to interstate standards.


How much economic impact will each option have?

The Northwest Louisiana Council of Governments (NLCOG) indicates that the Inner-City Connector will generate upward of $850 million per year to the Northwest Louisiana Region and State. The loop option will bring little or no new economic development.


Do any of the options offer an alternative for additional interchanges?

The Inner-City Connector is currently designed to have interchanges at Ford/Caddo Street, as well as North Hearne Avenue in North Shreveport, that will provide access to the Allendale neighborhood, downtown, riverfront, casinos and the North Shreveport Business District.


Does either option present a threat to our water supply?

The Route 5 Loop Option will entail substantial construction to the I-220 Bridge over Cross Lake. Together with additional traffic, there would be added increases to the potential for threats to the city’s water supply.


How would the Inner-City Connector affect North Shreveport, Bossier City, the MLK neighborhood and other communities in North Caddo and Bossier parishes?

Residents of North Shreveport and Bossier City (along with the MLK neighborhood, Blanchard, Benton, Belcher, Gilliam, Mira and Oil City communities) would have direct and unrestricted access to Ochsner LSU Health Shreveport, Mall St. Vincent, and many other areas of South Shreveport and the community. Route 1 (the most direct route) will improve access through the entire community, as well as allow for smoother and more convenient traffic flow. This will also bring additional travelers through this region for traffic flow to South Louisiana.


Who currently owns the property within the 3.5 miles that would make up the Inner-City Connector?

The City of Shreveport owns most of the land where the new Inner-City Connector would go. Many properties in the Route 1 corridor have been vacated or abandoned. Some private landowners and residents still occupy property in the area.


Why is this project more important than the Jimmie Davis Bridge?

Both the Jimmie Davis Bridge overhaul project and the I-49 Inner-City Connector are extremely important to Northwest Louisiana! Neither should be sacrificed for the other. The Jimmie Davis Bridge project has already been budgeted for repair through State DOTD for years, and has not been completed due to changes with the design and overhaul of the bridge itself. The Jimmie Davis Bridge repair is really a responsibility of the state. The I-49 Inner-City Connector is part of a national Interstate System that will eventually connect New Orleans to Winnipeg, Canada. It is a completion of 3.5 miles of a more than 250-mile-long stretch of this interstate that brings enormous development to the region.


What will happen to Allendale and its residents when this project is under construction?

By bringing the new Inner-City Connector to Downtown Shreveport, new growth will develop in the Allendale area and provide better access for residents and businesses. The Federal Relocation Program through the Federal Highway Administration has opportunities for both property owners, residents and even renters for acquiring property and relocation to new properties. Many organizations in our community have committed to helping the residents of Allendale through this relocation process.